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As a buyer’s agent, Realtors frequently represent a buyer that includes an Appraisal Rider in the contract offering for a property. If the contract offering is not contingent on financing, the Appraisal Rider states that the contract is, at the option and expense of the buyer, contingent upon the property appraising for not less than the purchase price by an appraiser of the buyer’s choice. Buyers rely on their agent to recommend an appraiser that is qualified and experienced in the area where the property is located. It is important that the appraisal be competently done and, most of all, accurate, since the appraisal is being used for the buyer to make a decision on whether or not to purchase the property and at what price.

It is very important that the buyer not rely on the appraisal completed by the lender’s appraiser to make a decision. The appraisal is being completed for the lender, not the buyer, and is for the lender’s use only in order to make a decision regarding the loan. The buyer has no choice in what appraiser is used by the lender. In addition to the competency of the appraiser, many times the choice of appraiser by the lender is determined by other factors including how fast the appraisal can be completed and  the appraisal fee.

In order to best represent the buyer’s interests, an accurate appraisal completed by a competent and experienced appraiser like Tom Schulte will result in the buyer making an informed decision. A satisfied buyer is likely to return to the same Realtor the next time he or she buys a home.

Tom Schulte knows that a quick turn time is essential to satisfy an Appraisal Rider contingency and will provide you with a delivery date at the time the appraisal is requested. In addition, a Restricted Use Appraisal Report can be completed for this purpose at a reduced fee. There is no shortcut in the appraisal process or value estimate with the Restricted Use Appraisal Report, just less detail. The use is restricted to the buyer, stated as the intended user, for the stated specific use. This type of report is perfectly suited for this situation. Click on the following to view a Restricted Use Appraisal Form.

Restricted Use Appraisal Form



Homeowners that are thinking of selling their home typically are provided with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) by a Realtor that may be chosen to represent the seller. Most of the time more than one Realtor is interviewed by the homeowner and each provides a CMA. Most Realtors that are experienced in the homeowner’s location provide very good pricing advice regarding the list price and potential sale price. Sometimes, however, the CMA’s provided do not agree, possibly due to one or more of the agents not being familiar with the local market, and the homeowner may not know which one is accurate. A Restricted Use Appraisal Report can be requested by the homeowner in order to determine which Realtor is correct and can best represent them.

Homeowners thinking of selling their home without the use of a Realtor need to know the value of their property. A For Sale By Owner (FSBO) list price too high will cause potential buyers to avoid even looking at the property, while a proper list price may result in a sale to that same potential buyer. A list price too low will result in a loss of potential profits from the sale of the home. An appraisal report can also provide information on the current market including expected marketing time based on an oversupply or undersupply of similar properties currently for sale.

Another instance where a homeowner may need the services of an appraiser is when there is a sale between related parties or friends and a price that is fair to each is desired. The Market Value provided in a Restricted Use Appraisal Report is again perfectly suited for this situation and can be used to negotiate a sale price that each party is satisfied with.

Click on the following to view a Restricted Use Appraisal Form:

Restricted Use Appraisal Form


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