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By state law real property is reappraised, or reassessed, every two years. This reassessment occurs in odd numbered years; 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019… The reassessment is done on a mass appraisal basis by computer and the new value is supposed to reflect the Market Value of your property as of January 1 of that year. The value will be determined by comparison with similar properties in your neighborhood that have sold prior to January 1.

If you feel that the new Market Value of your home as determined by the County Assessor is not correct, you have the right to appeal the value. Each county has an appeal process. It is very important to follow the process and be aware of certain deadlines. In most cases if you fail to file an appeal prior to the deadline, you lose your right to appeal until the following year. In the appeal process you will be asked to produce your evidence proving what you feel is the correct value for your property. This is where an appraisal obtained from a Licensed/Certified Professional Appraiser acting as an unbiased third party can be essential.


An appraiser cannot be hired to represent you or act as an advocate for your position, but an appraisal report can provide an unbiased professional opinion of value that addresses items that detract from value that the Assessor may not be aware of; items such as the condition of the property, major repairs that are needed, or external conditions that adversely affect the value of your property. As a Hearing Officer for the Board of Equalization in Saint Louis County for nine years, I gained insight regarding the items that are often overlooked in a mass appraisal process where the homeowner’s property is not physically inspected by the Assessor each reassessment year. It has been my experience that when evidence of items detracting from value are properly presented, the County Assessor is fair in taking these items into consideration.

It is not uncommon that the living area of your home may be incorrect on the county records. This is important to correct since the method the computer uses to find homes to compare with yours is to search for properties that have similar living area. If the living area of your home is overstated and larger than similar homes in your neighborhood, the computer will look to other neighborhoods with larger homes for comparison. These properties will likely be higher priced and, therefore, a comparison with these properties will produce a high value estimate for your property. If not corrected, this will continue to produce a high value every reassessment year. I will personally measure the living area of your home and include sketch in the Appraisal Report. If this is the reason for the high valuation you can request that the Assessor send an appraiser to your home to recalculate the living area. When this is permanently corrected on your property record, the next reassessment should be accurate, and hopefully eliminate the need to appeal each new assessment.

An appraisal report can be completed on a RESTRICTED USE APPRAISAL FORM at a reduced fee for use in a tax appeal.

Restricted Use Appraisal Form


Call to request an appraisal: 636-265-5155

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