Appraisal Services

Call to request an appraisal:  636-265-5155

Specializing in residential appraisal, the following services are provided:

    UAD compliant
    Single Family, Condominium, 2-4 family
    Short sale – estimate of Market Value for short sale
    Review – field or desk review
    Appraisal Riders – quick turn time
    Pre listing – consideration given to current competitive listings as well as
    recent sales of comparable properties
    Tax assessment – appraisals provided to appeal a recent tax re-assessment on
    your property.
    PMI removal – if private mortgage insurance was initially required by your lender,
    you believe your loan to value ratio is now below 80%, an appraisal
    can be provided to assist in removing the PMI amount from your
    monthly payment.
    Pre listing – obtain an appraisal to compare with your agents CMA before listing
    your home for sale.
    Estate – appraisal to determine the Market Value of a property as of a given date.
    Divorce – appraiser is experienced in court testimony, if needed.
    Probate/Other   – appraisal of residential property for any other need.
    ERC appraisal    – over 30 years experience with relocation appraisal and the
    difference between “Market Value” and “Most Probable Sale Price”.

Call to request an appraisal:  636-265-5155

Tom Schulte

Tom Schulte

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